Understanding What Makes Foods Good for Your Teeth

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In many families, there are at least three things you know to never to talk about at dinner: politics, religion, and DIET. We recognize that there are a lot of foods out there that you shouldn’t eat if you hope to maintain good oral health, but we thought that some brief data on good foods would be of use to you. The following is a list of foods you can snack on with confidence . . . when it comes to your oral health, anyway.

Celery, also referred to as nature’s toothbrush, is an awesome, low-cal food option that will rub away some of the accrued plaque resting on your teeth.

Baby carrots and almonds are great alternatives to replace candies since they’re portable, snack-sized and less sugary. Enjoy some next time you’re tempted to consume jelly beans.

Apples, like celery, can rub away some of the plaque on your teeth and gums. Apples stimulate the manufacturing of spit in the oral cavity, helping to rinse away debris and destructive leftovers.

The calcium and protein in yogurt will fortify your tooth enamel, and the probiotics contained in yogurt may edge out the harmful bacteria in your oral cavity.

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