Solving the Cause of Your Bad Breath

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Bad breath is inevitable for any person at a point in the day, but do you have consistent odorous breath? Our team at Pembroke Square Dental want to assist you with a solution to your bad breath and giving you your best smile.

There are many possible reasons you have bad breath even if you are vigilant in your daily habit of brushing twice a day and flossing at the end of every day. What you may not realize is the amount of time where food is left untouched, producing bacteria. Brush within a half hour of eating to remove any pesky morsels of food left. Flossing or water flossing will get even the most annoying pieces.

Use your toothbrush or tongue scraper to clean your tongue thoroughly to remove any bacteria growth. Bacteria growth can lead to gum disease, also caused by the buildup of plaque or an infection.

Smoking and using tobacco is another front-runner to gum disease. Infection can occur and give off a lingering odor. Even the use of either of these causes bad breath, and with the loss of smell or taste through constant use, you would not be able to tell if you had bad breath.

Your salivary glands can be affected by these as well, or they may be the cause of your bad breath by themselves. Without the full amount of saliva, your mouth’s natural resources can’t break down food or bacteria. This also results in dry mouth; your dentist may recommend an artificial saliva to give you more moisture in your mouth.

Contact your dentist here in Pembroke Pines, Florida, to get a consultation on what may be the result of your bad breath. If there is not a cause due to your oral health, see your doctor for possible causes due to medication or another health-related issue. Call us at 954-437-6400 where we will be happy provide the best dental care for you and your smile!