Have You Considered Getting a Gold Tooth?

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There are dentists that recommend the use of porcelain in tooth restoration. In part, it is because 3D printing technology has made it quicker and more convenient to produce porcelain teeth “same day” in-house, and partly because porcelain looks more like natural teeth. Metals, whether an amalgam, or pure gold, may take a few days up to a couple weeks to produce, and require at least two visits to the office. Even so, there are many reasons why you may want to consider the time-tested and stellar performance of gold as your restoration material of choice.

-Cost: If you think that a gold tooth is going to be more expensive than a porcelain crown, you may be surprised to discover that, depending on the amount of gold used, there is little difference in price between a porcelain and a gold tooth.

-Strength: Gold is a malleable metal that is highly resistant to breakage, corrosion, and wear. Also, because of its toughness, it has the longest life.

-Best Fit: Hot and cold make things expand and contract, even your teeth. Gold expands and contracts similarly to natural teeth, so it does a good job of sealing and preventing leakage or recurrent tooth decay. This also means it is gentle to adjacent teeth.

-Less Destructive: When preparing a tooth for a crown, the dentist will need to grind down your natural tooth to make a base for the cap. If you’re getting a gold crown, you’ll keep more of your original tooth. This is due to the strength of the metal and its ability to adhere properly. Porcelain requires that more of the natural tooth be removed.

-Hypoallergenic and Biocompatible: Whereas some people may develop allergies or be resistant to other materials, gold has been an extremely compatible substance when used for medical purposes alongside human tissue.

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