Dental Sealants Can Be an Effective Method for Cavity Prevention on Back Teeth

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The teeth in the back of your mouth can sometimes have contrasting textures in the tooth enamel of the biting surface. In a certain light, this helps them be more effective at chewing and grinding tough foods before you swallow. Yet it is also possible for these textured areas to be so deep that they are hard to clean from regular teeth brushing.

When stray food particles and plaque buildup become stuck in these areas, it could lead to the formation of very large cavities that require large fillings. To prevent this from happening, the dentists at Pembroke Square Dental’s Pembroke Pines, Florida, dental office can apply dental sealants.

These are thin, durable, plastic resins that the dentist carefully paints onto the biting surface of molars and premolars. A dental-grade ultraviolet light is used to harden the resin, creating a protective layer. If plaque and food particles get trapped on the biting surface, the dental sealants will prevent bacteria from direct access to the underlying tooth enamel.

After they have been applied and hardened by a special ultraviolet light, dental sealants can last for up to two years.

If you are in the Pembroke Pines, Florida, area and you are concerned about preventing cavities on your back teeth, you should call 954-437-6400 to schedule a dental exam and dental sealants at Pembroke Square Dental’s dental office.