Brushing Habits That Don’t Help Your Smile

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Unfortunately, there are brushing habits that can harm rather than help the smile. It’s very important to avoid those habits so you don’t damage your teeth and gums. The more effective brushing routine you have, the healthier smile you can have. So, our dentists, Dr. Rafah Abdelmonem and Dr. Camila Di Giorgio, are happy to help you avoid those habits by listing those habits here:

-Brushing with a hard-bristled toothbrush: The hard bristles on the toothbrush tend to wear down the tooth enamel and irritate the oral tissues. This makes the smile weak and it makes the gums pull away from the teeth. This can cause extreme tooth sensitivity.

-Brushing too hard: You don’t need to use a lot of pressure when you brush, even though it seems like the harder you brush the more bacteria you remove. You only need light and moderate pressure to clean the smile. If you brush too hard, it can also weaken the tooth enamel and irritate the gums.

-Brushing too long: It’s important to only brush for two minutes each time. If you brush longer, it can do more harm than good by weakening the smile and making the gums recede from the base of the teeth.

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