Avoid These Work Habits for a Healthier Smile

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Did you know there are little habits you might participate in at work that can harm your teeth and gums and negatively affect your smile? Well, it’s true. Our dentists, Dr. Rafah Abdelmonem and Dr. Camila Di Giorgio, strongly encourage you to avoid those habits so you can prevent dental issues and keep your smile in tip-top shape. Those habits are:

-Chewing on your nails and other hard objects: Chewing on your nails, pencils, pens and ice can put unnatural pressure on the teeth, which can fracture the tooth enamel. The crack might be small and unnoticeable at first, but if you keep chewing on hard objects, it can get bigger and crack the entire tooth.

-Not drinking enough water: Water can wash your mouth from bacteria and other dangerous substances, which is why it’s best to sip on water throughout the day. This can help you wash your mouth and prevent dental issues as well as avoid dry mouth and bad breath.

-Not chewing gum: Chewing gum can help you produce saliva. When you produce saliva, you wash your mouth often. This is why it’s best to chew gum after every meal and snack. Doing so can wash the bacteria from your teeth and gums.

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